Dune by Enrique Martí


Dune is a light that brings a warm and fluid style. This lamp is characterized by its elegance, sensuality and femininity with favorable curves for a discreet light that emanates from inside. It is available to be made in wood or aluminum with which, you can give a strategic turn to some place and offer a technological or futuristic style. In addition, it is available in table, pendants and floor lamps so you can use it for give a different style to any environment.







3005SLED: H: 120cm x 90cm max. 200 cm

3005S:       H: 120cm x 90cm max. 200 cm

3005F:       H: 190 cm  L: 40 cm W: 19 cm

3005FLED:  H: 190 cm  L: 40 cm W: 19 cm


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