Dear friends;

We are very proud to present you CANDELAH, our new contemporary lighting brand. CANDELAH was born with a clear vocation of making the Design Contemporary lighting accessible to almost everybody, just combining the best of two worlds: the wisdom and tradition of the best European Design, together with the incomparable power of the modern industry, technology and quality. A perfect combination what makes us be able to offer the best top-quality design lighting but at affordable prices. With this universalization of the best design we want just to spread a clear message all over the world, showing how the fluent cooperation of different people coming from very different countries can create a singular unique project full of human values as culture, honesty, and respect of our environment.

Design makes our live easier, better, kinder… and for that we think it´s something what everybody has the right to know and enjoy. So, we want to thank you very much to all the people who has helped in this amazing journey, a journey which is just starting from Italy to the rest of the world, a journey in which I hope you join us from now. Thanks to our future customers, to our team and to our Designers too… and of course, thank you very much for being interested in knowing us a little better. See you very soon.


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